Providing our local community with the tools to succeed.

Enabling opportunities and growth for start ups.

Supporting the community plays a big part in most of our lives, whether we are supporting schools, health services, charities or local action groups. Each community will have their own needs and priorities and how these are tackled are clearly essential to their success.

The famous saying goes, 'If you feed a person a fish you will feed them for a day, but if you teach them to fish then you’ll feed them for life'.

Within the community this goes one step further, 'if you help a community build a fishing boat, you can help a whole community feed itself.' A little corny perhaps but the concept works for providing a community with a vehicle, the Factory, to allow the community to change itself for the better.

Communities simply don't work in the same way as a corporation; for example when there is a need to increase productivity in say, ‘Department A’, supporting employment can be pursued from a variety of sources. It's a localised challenge and this can be combated by working together within a hub. What better way to support employment and upskilling, by supporting and allowing it to be easier for startups to get set up and then be successful! The Factory Floor will directly support this area as well as being seen as a project to inspire others to build on their skills and talent.
The Factory Floor